The new Marvel By Her Universe fashion collection celebrates fan favorite female heroes from the Marvel universe. The collection includes dresses and jackets inspired by Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Agent Peggy Carter, and Spider-Gwen.

“We have had many, many requests from customers for a fashion collection based on powerful female Super Heroes, so we are thrilled to partner with Marvel and Her Universe on this outstanding offering of dresses and outerwear,” said Cindy Levitt, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing at Hot Topic. She added, “I can’t wait to get the 1940’s inspired Agent Carter dress myself!”

The piece that stands out to me is the Spider-Gwen jacket, and I don’t even know Spider-Gwen all that well!

“We fell in love with Lindsay Hamilton’s Spider-Gwen design from the 2015 Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con,” said Ashley Eckstein. “While she did not win the competition, Hot Topic loved her jacket so much that they asked if they could buy her design to sell in stores! It was truly a pleasure to work with Lindsay to bring her jacket to retail. It’s gorgeous!”

My one complaint is that the Black Widow dress is just a standard little black dress. There really isn’t anything that connects it to Black Widow. Had there been red piping or something along those lines, then that would have given it a different feel.

The same can be said for the Scarlet Witch jacket. When I saw the display at New York Comic Con, I couldn’t figure out the inspiration behind the jacket. It wasn’t until I read the press release that I went, “OH. Scarlet Witch. I never would have figured that out.” It’s a beautifully made jacket, but it’s a shade of color different from what Scarlet Witch normally wears and there really isn’t anything that pops out at me that makes it Scarlet Witch. That said, if I had to walk away with one item from this collection, it would be the Scarlet Witch jacket. It’s very modern and chic, so that’s something I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Agent Peggy Carter Dress (Photo: Hot Topic)
Black Widow Dress (Photo: Hot Topic)
Captain Marvel Dress (Photo: Hot Topic)
Scarlet Witch Jacket (Photo: Hot Topic)
Spider-Gwen Jacket (Photo: Hot Topic)

Here are some photos from the Her Universe/Hot Topic pop-up shop that was located within the Official ReedPOP Supply Co. Store at New York Comic Con 2016:

(Photo: GeekyBubble)
(Photo: GeekyBubble)
(Photo: GeekyBubble)
(Photo: GeekyBubble)
(Photo: GeekyBubble)

Find the new collection at Hot Topic.