Not everyone knows this, but I love mermaids. I grew up obsessively watching The Little Mermaid, drawing mermaid tails on the margins of my notebooks, and dreaming of my own world under the sea. My love for them was recently rekindled when I started watching Mako Mermaids on Netflix, so it was a welcome reminder that May is a special month for mermaid fans out there.

Created by Tom Bancroft, a former Disney animator, MerMay is the month to celebrate our love for these beautiful creatures. Artists are challenged to draw a mermaid every day for the next 31 days, but this year, Bancroft has a new project in the works.

“I have gone one further this year and created my own original character, Lani the mermaid,” Bancroft wrote on his site. In addition, he wrote an original story, entitled “The Mermaid Who Wanted to Fly.”

“[I] will be posting the original art and text for that children’s book, one day at a time for the entire month of May! It’s an exclusive to Instagram and I hope you will follow along to read the entire story.”

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Source: Tom Bancroft