The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, a smart-ass detective, a righteous ex-con, and a kid with a glowing fist join forces to save New York City.

Now, I have to admit that I’ve only watched 10 percent of Daredevil and Luke Cage. I haven’t even bothered with Iron Fist, given the amount of mixed reviews it’s received from people I trust. The only show I watched in its entirety was Jessica Jones, so to be honest, the only reason I plan to watch The Defenders is to follow Jessica’s story. (I’m also a big fan of Jessica/Luke, a pairing I’ve loved since my days of comic book reading.)

It’s a great trailer, though, and I love it when characters with drastically different personalities are suddenly tossed into the same mix. It’s the reason why I love Avengers so much. That said, I feel super behind when it comes to Marvel in general. I feel like the franchise is slowly losing me, but this show has the potential of pulling me back in.

I want to understand what’s happening and what situation brought them all together. Since the series premieres on August 18, that gives me plenty of time to watch the other shows during the summer. Here’s hoping I can make it happen!