Outlander was one of those shows I kept hearing about, but sort of pushed to the side because I honestly didn’t have time to look into it. When I realized that it had an inspired fashion collection at Hot Topic and a jewelry collection at Rock Love Jewelry, I knew I had to make the time to at least give it a chance.

Needless to say, I was hooked from the first episode and spent an entire weekend juggling what I normally do and inserting the rest of the first season in between because I couldn’t stop watching it. I naturally kept going, and just recently, I finished the second season.

Tears were shed, and now, I desperately want the third season. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the fall for new episodes, but a teaser trailer surfaced back in April, breaking my heart all over again.

In Season 3, Claire and Jamie struggle to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love. Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie must find their way back to each other.

We found out at the end of the second season that Jamie Fraser survived the Battle of Culloden, but Claire had already gone back to the present. What’s going to happen next?! Will they be reunited? I haven’t read the book series, but I hear it only gets better. Can’t wait!